Hygiene and Periodontal clinics

Scaling, polishing and gum cleaning (also known as periodontal cleaning) is a really important part of maintaining your overall dental health.

Over 50 % of adults in the UK have some form of Gum Disease (periodontal disease).

Many people do not experience any symptoms until they have already started to lose some of the supportive structure around their teeth, therefore regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are very important in both the prevention and treatment of gum disease.

Gum disease is caused by the bacterial (plaque) build up in the mouth, combined with other contributory factors that increase the risk of disease.

HygieneAt each visit to the dentist we will examine your gums to determine a ‘gum score’ or BPE score between 0-4. The BPE score is a scoring system which can indicate firstly how healthy your gums are overall and how well you brush your teeth, but can also be used to help us to check for links or risk factors to certain medical conditions in the rest of your body. This BPE examination is therefore a really important part of your general check-up with the dentist

By having periodontal treatment with us it will help with:

  • The removal of stains on the teeth and tofreshen up the smile
  • The removal of plaque and calculus to prevent gum disease.
  • This will stop red swollen gums from bleeding and receding from the teeth causing the teeth too loosen in their sockets.

A tailor made treatment plan will be made for you to suit your needs, this can be anything from a simple clean and polish to more advanced periodontal treatment using local anesthetic.

As well as helping you to achieve a healthy mouth we can brighten your smile and boost your confidence.