Denture wearers complain due to loss of jaw bone with age the dentures can become loose and problematic. For this we have a neat solution where dental implants can be used to lock in your dentures firmly into place, so that problem dentures can be a thing of the past!

The most effective solution for loose and annoying dentures is to stabilise them through the use of titanium-based dental implants. Implants are used to anchor the denture in place, restricting movement and enhancing the bite function.

They’ll be no longer any need for fixatives with this treatment and you can go on to enjoy the food you loved once more.

denture stabilWhat you get from denture stabilisation?

  • Dental Implant retained dentures won’t rub or slide about on your gums as they hold the denture securely in place.
  • The stability of implant retained dentures improves your quality of life. You no longer have to worry about the denture coming loose at inconvenient times. This is done through a unique attachment mechanism, which mimics the way in which your natural teeth stay in place. Your denture can only be removed through a special technique your dentist will show you.
  • Once again you can experience all the wonders of the palate as there is less likelihood of implant retained dentures fully covering the roof of your mouth.
  • Dentures which are implant retained don’t fill the mouth as much as ill fitting dentures so they won’t cause you to gag. Retained dentures use less material, and give your mouth more space to breathe.
  • The natural occurrence of bone recession through the absence of teeth can make the face look sunken and aged. Implanted dentures provide support to the natural dimensions of the face and prevent bone loss. This helps you retain a younger looking profile.

When you book a consultation with us it is allowing you to make a well informed step towards your future in dental happiness.