Examination New Patient (including x-rays): £45.00
Check Up (including x-rays): £30.00
Hygiene Treatments Scale and polish: £45.00
Air polishing: £65.00
Treatment of gum disease from:
Surgical treatment of gum disease from:
Use of synthetic bone and membranes to help replace bone lost from gum disease from: £198.00 per hour
Restorative Dentistry Composite Bonding from : £250.00 per tooth
Veneers: £450.00 each
Smile Makeover (upper front 10 teeth): £3,800.00
White Fillings from (depending on size): £95.00 – £155.00
Amalgam fillings from: £55.00
Temporary Fillings from: £35.00
Root Canal Fillings from: £230.00 – £395.00
Crowns from: £450.00
Tooth to rebuild if badly broken down before crown: £125.00
Gold Crown and Gold Fillings: £450.00 each
Extractions Per Tooth from: £60.00 – £115.00
Implant Dentistry Nobel® Implants to Stabilise Dentures: £1,800.00 each
Nobel® Implants per tooth (including crown): £1,900.00
Whitening Treatments Zoom! In Surgery Whitening 1 hour session, Including Manufacture of Bleaching Trays and 1 Weeks of Home Bleaching: £390.00
Boutique At Home Whitening Kit, Including Manufacture of Bleaching Trays: £250.00
Boutique Additional at Home Whitening Syringes to Last 2 Weeks: £90.00
Invisalign® Invisalign® Clear Braces from: £1,900.00
Replacement Teeth Bridges (replacement of single tooth): £950.00
Replacement of each additional tooth add: £300.00
Dentures to Replace Teeth Upper or Lower: £860.00 (chrome)
Dentures: to Replace Teeth Upper or Lower: £500.00 (acrylic)
Addition of Teeth to Existing Dentures: £60.00
Protective Mouth Guards Gum Shields/Sports Mouth Guards from: £99.00
Soft Mouth Guard from: £120.00